Tuesday, December 9, 2014


 Hello,  dear reader. 

Like to talk about a new website to  advertise.

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on the main page is there a tool that offer a html code wich 

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

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My name is Valentino and I would like to talk and maybe a discuss of the principal needs to appear on thenetwork. Create a site or a blog and now become child's play and is the easiest part. But your idea should be shared and is the hardest work to do and must be declared to be very selective with the details.
The first thing you have to do and perhaps the most important- to choose the name and meta tags and also the description of the site or blog that is. the search engines want to find the same content in both research and content. Try to use more often the keywords in the content and I recommend you  to highlight the largest or well underlined format of it. So  this certainly will not bring traffic to your site immediately, but were already good starting point or maybe who knows, if you are good to write useful content, much faster will give life to your site.
We have reached the second stage - this is the directory. You must report your blog or site that is always in the standards to be accepted by all. The most important is google and can do it here www.google.it/add_url.html
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Another important thing are the aggregators. They are nothingmore than sites where you need to register and post an article from your site. Some also ask for link exchange. before writing the news I would advise you not to copy the title and content directly from your site because Google does not like to have the same two sites . the most important are
Not at the last place we can put the social network.  Are very important to increase the visits. For example you have lots off friends on facebook
But if you have business site would not recommend it, because it's not nice to involve the friends. Otherwise that's fine.
better to use linkedin  and twitter. With Twitter you can increase your followers, but if you want you can bring
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